World holidays calendar
Today holidays (7 October 2014)

Gregorian Calendar: 7 October 2014 - Tuesday, 41 week, 280 day of year
Julian Calendar: 24 September 2014
Jewish Calendar: 13 Tishrei 5775
Islamic Calendar: 12 Dhu al-Hijja 1435
Chinese Calendar: 14 day 9 month 31 year of 74 cycle (horse, blue-green, wood)
Indian National Calendar: 15 Ashwin 1936
Hindu Lunar Calendar: 14 Asvina 2071 year of Vikram Samvat, Lunar mansion - Purva Bhadrapada
Persian Calendar: 15 Mehr 1393
Bahai Calendar: 1 Kull-i-Shay 9 Vahid 19 year (Vahid) 11 month (Mashiyyat) 11 day (Mashiyyat)
Maya Calendar (Long count): 13 Baktun 0 Katun 1 Tun 14 Winal 15 Kin
Maya Calendar (Short count - Haab): 8 day of «Yax» month
Maya Calendar (Short count - Tzolkin): 9 day of «Oc» month
French Calendar: 5 day (Quintidi) 2 decade of 1 month (Vendemiaire) 223 year

All Today Holidays

Constitution Day (USSR)
Staff Divisions Foundation of Interior Ministry Day (Russia)
Tashrik Day (Islam)*
Civil Aviation Day (Kyrgyzstan)
Teachers Day (Laos)
Armed Forces Day (Montenegro)
Banker Day (Transnistria)
Merchant Holiday (Antigua and Barbuda)
Safer Internet Day (Global)*
Ministry of Internal Affairs Veterans Association Day (Ukraine)
Feast Day ofOur Lady of the Rosary (Spain)
National Frappe Day (USA)
You Matter To Me Day (USA)

* - Holiday date for 2014

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Holidays Calendar for 2014 Year


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Date in various calendars
Gregorian calendar: 30 September 2014
Jewish calendar: 6 Tishrei 5775
Islamic calendar: 5 Dhu al-Hijja 1435
Chinese calendar: 7 day 9 month 4411 year

Today holidays
Reasons for mms or sms greetings
• International Blasphemy Day (International)
• Libraries Day (Ukraine)
• Adoption Day (Ukraine)
• Interior Ministry Special Motorized Units Day (Russia)
• Sukkot - Feast of Booths (Jewish)
• Justice Officers Day (Kazakhstan)
• Boy's Day (Poland)
• Independence Day - Botswana Day (Botswana)
• Independence Day (Abkhazia)
• International Translation Day (International)
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