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Send free sms (mms) message online from ''DigiCell - Belize Telemedia Limited'' mobile operator website


Send free sms, mms message online on cell phone number of "DigiCell" mobile (cellular) operator.

Send free mms (sms) message online from ''DigiCell - Belize Telemedia Limited'' cellular operator website
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Send free sms, mms message online on cell phone number of "Smart" mobile (cellular) operator.

Send free mms (sms) message online from ''Smart'' cellular operator website

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Jewish calendar: 18 Nisan 5774
Islamic calendar: 17 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1435
Chinese calendar: 19 day 3 month 4411 year

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Reasons for mms or sms greetings
• World Amateur Radio Day (International)
• International Day for Monuments and Sites (International)
• Good Friday (Western Christianity)
• Tankman Day (Cuba)
• Army Day (Iran)
• Independence Day (Zimbabwe)
• Health Day (Kiribati)
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• Monuments of History and Culture Day (Ukraine)
• Dynamo' Sports Society Foundation Day (Russia)
Examples of free Sms texts for sending

hree golden rules: 'Who is helping you, dont forget them, who is loving U, dont hate them, who s believing you. Dont cheat them

Advice texts for sms messages

lovely fact: Nobody in the world can have a crystal clear heart because everyone's heart has some scratches scribbled by their dear ones

Broken heart texts for sms messages

boy takes few seconds to love and long time 2 hate but, a girl takes long time 2 love and few seconds to hate

Cute texts for sms messages

m getting married next month... Its small party and only few people will be invited... Don't bring any gift... Just bring someone who ll marry me

Flirt texts for sms messages

ay your journey throuhg life be long and fulfilling

Friendship texts for sms messages

esus saves, he shoots, he scores

Funny jokes for sms messages

t night sms greeting does not mean good night, it has a silent msg saying, you are my last thought at night good night

Good night texts for sms messages

f kisses were rain I will send U showers, if fun was time I will send U hrs, if U needed a friend I'd send U me

Kiss texts for sms messages

ife without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit. - By khalil gibra

Love texts for sms messages

hy do we close our eyes when we kiss, when we dream when we sleep? Because the best things in the world go unseen

Love texts for sms messages