Today holidays in the world
World holidays calendar 2021-2022 - choose your holiday for today

Gregorian Calendar: 7 May 2015 - Thursday, 19 week, 127 day of year
Julian Calendar: 24 April 2015
Jewish Calendar: 18 Iyar 5775
Islamic Calendar: 18 Rajab 1436
Chinese Calendar: 19 day 3 month 32 year of 74 cycle (goat, blue-green, wood)
Indian National Calendar: 17 Vaishakha 1937
Hindu Lunar Calendar: 18 Vaisakha 2072 year of Vikram Samvat, Lunar mansion - Jyestha
Persian Calendar: 17 Ordibehest 1394
Bahai Calendar: 1 Kull-i-Shay 10 Vahid 1 year (Alif) 3 month (Jamal) 10 day (Izzat)
Maya Calendar (Long count): 13 Baktun 0 Katun 2 Tun 7 Winal 7 Kin
Maya Calendar (Short count - Haab): 15 day of «Wo» month
Maya Calendar (Short count - Tzolkin): 13 day of «Ik» month
French Calendar: 7 day (Septidi) 2 decade of 8 month (Floreal) 223 year
National Day of Prayer (USA)
Armed Forces Day (Russia)
Radio Day (Russia)
Lag BaOmer - 33rd day of the Omer (Jewish)
Radio Day (Belarus)
Radio Day (Bulgaria)
Fatherland Defender Day (Kazakhstan)
Radio Day (Armenia)
Communications Service Day (Kyrgyzstan)
Communications Industries Workers Day (Tajikistan)
Radio Day (Transnistria)
Presidential Regiment Day (Russia)
Navy Signalman and Radio Service Specialist Day (Russia)
Wafat Hazrat Ibrahim /Abraham/ (Shia Islam)
Hari Hol - Gratitude to the past Sultans (Pahang, Malaysia)
Saint Domnius Day (Split, Croatia)
Dien Bien Phu Victory Day (Vietnam)
Presidential council Day (Dahomey, Benin)
Proletie (Ancient Slavs)
Accounting Day (USA)
National Roast Leg of Lamb Day (USA)
National Day of Reason (USA)

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Holidays Calendar for 2021 - 2022

Do you want to know what holidays in country for today?.. Then just click on the link above and you will be taken to a page with a list of all holidays for today for 2021. The World Calendar is a holiday in USA, India, United Kingdom and other countries holidays sorted by date. By visiting this section, you will be aware of all holidays for today and any other day.


Holidays are special days that we honor each other, our ancestors, remember the specific events that occurred in the history of our nation and the civilization. Holidays can be separated geographically - for example, the world's holidays that are celebrated around the planet or holidays individual states (example, USA holidays), which are devoted to special events that occurred in the country or with the people of this country. The same division can be in different groups - religious, sports, folk, professional, and other holidays. In the long history of holidays has accumulated a large amount, but, despite this, people are so fond of them that are ready to celebrate not only the large and well-known events, but also completely irrelevant holidays for every day. In 2021, food festivals and even the letters of the alphabet occur almost every day (example, World Chocolate Day). Holidays in each country so many, that all of them do not even know people involved in them professionally.

We have tried to make a detailed world holidays calendar with the holidays, which collect as many kinds of world holidays (including holidays in UK, United States and other countries), so that you always know what holiday is today in any country of the world. You can also subscribe to our mailing list "World Holiday Calendar 2021-2022 year" and then each day to receive an email with a list of all holidays today or tomorrow. Choose your holiday day and celebrate it with friends and family.

Date in various calendars
Gregorian calendar: 7 May 2021
Jewish calendar: 18 Iyar 5775
Islamic calendar: 18 Rajab 1436
Chinese calendar: 19 day 3 month 4412 year

Today holidays
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• National Day of Prayer (USA)
• Armed Forces Day (Russia)
• Radio Day (Russia)
• Lag BaOmer - 33rd day of the Omer (Jewish)
• Radio Day (Belarus)
• Radio Day (Bulgaria)
• Fatherland Defender Day (Kazakhstan)
• Radio Day (Armenia)
• Communications Service Day (Kyrgyzstan)
• Communications Industries Workers Day (Tajikistan)
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