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World mobile operators phone codes by alphabet

Mobile communication quickly and fundamentally came into our lives. Every country has several mobile operators providing communications services to its users. Some countries have more than 20-30 mobile operators and in the USA more than 100. At the same time each operator has its own phone number and their prices for mobile services.

Large number of mobile operators introduced some confusion in the minds of customers. It is very hard to understand what the mobile operator owned by a given phone number. And this is important information - the price you need to pay for the call depends on it. For example, you have a number you need to call from your cell phone - if this number belongs to your mobile operator, the cost per call will be very low, if this phone number belongs to another cellular operator, then the price per minute will be high, and if this number of mobile operator in another country, the price of such a conversation may be too high.

How to understand what mobile operator belong a necessary phone number? You can try searching by Internet, but what if this number from another country and all information about in foreign language? Specifically for this purpose we have created a "World Mobile Operators Codes» section.

Every mobile operator has a specific code which to begin the phone numbers. Usually it consists of 3 digits (in some countries more digits) and is called the "prefix" or def-code. According to this initial code we define the mobile operator.

You should also note that before the mobile operator prefix may be the country code. We conclude - the phone number of any mobile operator in the world consists of three parts:

country code + mobile operator code + phone number

On our site we have collected def-codes of all major mobile operators in the world. There is also information about the telephone codes of all countries of the world. Using our "World codes of mobile operators" directory, you can easily identify the operator who owns you require phone number.

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