Sms (Mms) program for Windows

Program for sending free SMS - sending groups of sms, ringtones, pictures, games, software and other content to mobile phones. Its intuitive interface and various wizards that help novice users to work with the program.

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The program for sending SMS - a program for mass mailing from your computer via the phone or via the Internet SMS-gateway. Bulk SMS sending to lists of numbers. Import the list of numbers from external sources. Sending SMS on schedule. Contact information (mailing lists). Ability to set priorities for SMS to send. Ability to set delays between SMS sending.

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Sms Workflow - version 1.5.11.
Program to send SMS through the list of phone numbers. The new direct marketing tool, aimed at bringing the suppliers of goods and services to its customers. Now cell phones have virtually everyone and then sending an SMS is most effective and cheapest means of providing information to the end consumer.

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I Send Sms - Version
Program to send free Sms and mms messages. Supports proxy, has an address book, sent messages journal, templates, auto set of operators, messages transliteration, send timer and more. The program is very easy to use and lets you save time and money sending sms and mms messages.

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Data Doctor Recovery - Sim Card
The software recovers deleted or corrupted (due to virus infection) SMS messages and phone numbers on your sim card. Performs analysis and scanning of damaged or corrupted data on sim card. Can extract unreadable messages, damaged phone book and other important data. The program creates a complete copy of your information from damaged sim card, and has many useful features for restoration.

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Nokia Ovi Suite - Version
This program needs to connect some Nokia mobile phones to computer.

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Nokia PC Suite - Version
The latest version of software for Nokia mobile phones to work with your computer. It can work with almost all Nokia phones.

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Phoenix Service Software - Version 2009
The program restores damaged or deleted data from your SIM card, such as SMS messages, phone numbers and more. Can performs a complete scan of corrupted data, retrieves unreadable Sms, contacts and other important data. Creates a copy of the information extracted from damaged SIM cards, and much more.

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New PC Studio - Version
This program need for connect the earliest models of Samsung phones to the computer. Kit includes - image editor, an application for Internet access, PIMS and File Manager, an application to install on devices, etc.

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Chinese calendar: 3 day 8 month 4412 year

Today holidays
Reasons for mms or sms greetings
• International Day of Democracy (United Nations)
• Engineers Day (India)
• Fast Day of Gedaliah (Jewish)
• Cry of Dolores - Cry of Independence (Mexico)
• Library Day (Belarus)
• Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Day (Azerbaijan)
• Knowledge Day (Azerbaijan)
• Independence Day (Honduras)
• Independence Day (Costa Rica)
• Independence Day (El Salvador)
Examples of free Sms texts for sending

On your engagement my warm wishes for a lifetime of joy and togetherness

Engagement texts for sms messages

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see, like a rose without color. Always be there in my life sweetheart. Happy valentine's day

Valentines day greetings for sms messages

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her. - Agatha christie

Marriage greetings for sms messages

As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise... May god open the window of heaven to shower U lots of blessings... Good morning

Good morning texts for sms messages

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop

Cute texts for sms messages

A child is the greatest gift that our lives can bestow. It brings the most exquisite joy that we will ever know

Thank texts for sms messages

What is love? L for land of sorrow. O for ocean of tears. V for velley of death. E for end of life

Love texts for sms messages

When he was five years old, he wanted to become a lawyer. Now that he is a lawyer, he acts like a five-years old

Funny jokes for sms messages

Sharing with U the glory the wonder, the miracle of this holy season. Have a blessed christmas & new year

Christmas greetings for sms messages

If you think I miss you all the time you are wrong I miss you only when I think about you but damn it I think you all the time I miss you sweetheart

Sweet texts for sms messages