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Best sms sentences about wishes for letters - Today is a special day, you have a special mood and would like to share it with others? You can send a text message, but how to find good words? Our website will help you with this - it contains many greetings texts for facebook status for every occasion. In this collection you will find top sms words about greetings for messages witch you can send to your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Choose the best texts for your sms messages!
Best sms quotes about wishes for status - Sms message text №61 - Sms l e n g t h: 157 l e t.
When you are lonely... I wish you love! When you are down... I wish you joy! When you are troubled... I wish you peace! When things empty... I wish you hope!

Best sms quotes about wishes for status - Sms message text №62 - Sms l e n g t h: 59 l e t.
You did it! Amazing! Above the rest! Awesome! A + congrats!

Best sms quotes about wishes for status - Sms message text №63 - Sms l e n g t h: 79 l e t.
You have got it in you what it takes to flight that high! The world is for you.

Best sms quotes about wishes for status - Sms message text №64 - Sms l e n g t h: 60 l e t.
You have landed your dream job congratulation and good luck.

Best sms quotes about wishes for status - Sms message text №65 - Sms l e n g t h: 150 l e t.
Your soul came back from dreamland reunited with a sleeping senseless piece of yourself slowly open ur eyes realise its a brand new day. Good morning.

I would like to warn you against sanding some of this well wishes sms ideas for status - Greetings texts for sms messages read by you, may cause absolutely other emotions in a person whom you will send it. So think carefully before you send some perfect text about respects for sms, because each person differently understand your sms.

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• International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition (United Nations)
• European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism (Europe)
• Black Ribbon Day (Canada)
• Flag Day (Ukraine)
• Anniversary of ''Kursk'' Submarine Tragedy (Russia)
• Victims of Stalinism and Nazism Remembrance Day (Latvia)
• Black Ribbon Day (Lithuania)
• King Michael's Coup (Romania)
• Victory Day (Laos)
• Saint Rose of Lima's Day (Spain)
Examples of free Sms texts for sending

Hope you have the best of everything in your life. I hope you to be blessed with love, joy and happiness on the christmas. Have a merry christmas

Christmas greetings for sms messages

Smile: S-sets you free m-makes you special i-increases your face value l-lifts up you spirits e-erases all your tensions so please keep smile

Smile jokes for sms messages

Love makes everything lovely

Love texts for sms messages

He's as red as an overdrawn account at the local blood bank

Funny jokes for sms messages

Love is like a puzzle. When you're in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together

Broken heart texts for sms messages

Look who's talking - I bet when you go to the zoo you have to buy two tickets: One to get in and another to get out

Rude texts for sms messages

It is very tough to believe a stranger, but if someone loves U more than fish loves water, holds ur hand tight with tears in his eyes & says

Love texts for sms messages

Whenever I think of the blessings god has given me, my thoughts turn to you and all of the ways your friendship has touched my life

Friendship texts for sms messages

You're older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy bday

Birthday greetings for sms messages

I love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, your happy smile. Your loving face no1 will ever take your place

Romantic texts for sms messages